Penn Slammer III Best Salty Spinning Reel at ICAST 2016
Date: Friday, July 15 @ 10:49:05 EDT
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Eight models of the PENN® Slammer III are offered to cover a wide range of inshore, near shore and offshore angling opportunities. Features include IPX6 Sealed System, CNC gear technology and proprietary Dura-Drag.  MSRP starts at $249.95.   

  PENN Slammer Spinning Reel Back By Popular Demand New features on Slammer III help anglers land more fish   

  Columbia, SC – PENN® reels are known to perform in heavy-duty fishing situations with features and benefits on which professional anglers and charter captains trust. 

One of those trusted reels is the Slammer III and now the time-tested and proven Slammer spinning reel returns due to popular demand. The Slammer III features the new IPX6 Sealed System to keep water out of the gear box and drag system in heavy spray and sea conditions.   

The Slammer III also incorporates the PENN proprietary sealed Dura-Drag system with washers that eliminate hesitation even under extreme drag settings. With the computer-controlled CNC gear technology system, the precision brass main, pinion and oscillation gears are individually machined for exact tolerances to provide the smoothest operation.   

The full metal body, sideplate and rotor house seven stainless steel bearings for a lifetime of fishing in sal*****er conditions.   

Eight models of the Slammer III are offered to cover a wide range of inshore, near shore and offshore angling opportunities from the pier, beach or boat.   

Gear ratios range from 6.2:1 with 37 inches of line retrieve on the smaller reels to 4.2:1 with 43 inches of line retrieve on the largest. Maximum drags start at 30 pounds in the smaller models to 60 pounds on the largest. 

The oversized reel handle grip gives the angler added control during the fight.   The 3500 Slammer III is the smallest of the family weighing 13.9 ounces while the 10500 weighs 43.1 ounces. Slammer III prices start at $249.95 MSRP.

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