Voodoo Dust Livewell Conditioner
Date: Tuesday, July 12 @ 10:40:49 EDT
Topic: Voodoo Dust

VooDoo Dust Livewell Conditioner will remove ammonia, acids, and chlorine from livewell, keeping your redfish alive and healthy for extended periods. 


Reduces Stress in fish!
Assists Oxygen uptake by fish!
Fully tested and approved by the FDA for use on sal*****er fish, VooDoo Dust is safe for fish to be released and/or consumed, when used as directed.
(Shipping will be $7.50 for up to 3 jars.)Discount Price  One Jar of VooDoo Dust $9.95 USD  2 Jars - Save $1.00 $18.90 USD  3 Jars - Save $2.00 $27.85 USD   
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